New online course on usability

As a real-world trainer I know the value of in-person training. There’s nothing like getting people away from their desks to focus on the training itself, without distractions. Participants love networking with others, the discussions, hands-on demos, Q&As and group exercises. And I love going to real-world conferences and hearing inspirational people in person.

So I’ve always viewed remote learning as a poor relation of in-person training. I’ve run Webinars, Skype sessions and even tried a Google Hangout and Apple’s Facetime. But these have never really connected to the people I’m training in quite the way an in-person course does.

What changed my mind…

Last month, the team at Userfocus (where I run a Writing and editing for the web course) launched their first online course: User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability. It has already become one of Udemy’s top selling courses. The reviews are all outstanding.

I may launch my own online courses soon – as I am finding it hard to be in two places at once! This course looks like the best blue-print for how to do it well. I can’t resist online learning any more.

Why they did it

User Focus created an online course because they want to live in a world where easy to use software, websites and products are the norm and not the exception — and they don’t have the capacity to train every designer, content producer and developer face-to-face.

They have a bold aim: to train 1,105 people in user experience before World Usability Day on 14 November. 1,105 is one more than the 1,104 people they could train if they ran the equivalent face-to-face course to capacity every working day between now and World Usability Day.

Here’s some reviews of the course:

Comprehensive, well-structured, well-presented. Bravo!
The depth and breadth of content covered in this course is seriously impressive. All of the major UX techniques are covered in a way that anyone could take this advice and apply it to their own projects or organisation. The presenter is knowledgeable and likeable, and the examples are entertaining. If you want to learn how to do user-centred design, this is the course to get.

Great for development…
I am working on a new iPad app — actually I’m doing a major update to an existing app. I want to get the UX perfected and this course is right on the mark. Thanks, Dr. David!

This course is packed with the latest UX thinking and methods
This is a very thorough, well presented and easy to follow training course packed with the latest UX thinking and techniques. There’s something new to be learned on every page. It’s perfect for web designers, marketers and project managers who want to understand what usability is really all about, and it’s perfect as a refresher for usability practitioners at all levels of experience.

Great course
David Travis is one of the leading UX experts in the business. This course is a great way to learn about all the important stuff there is to know when it comes to UX, IA and Usability.

Attend User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability [affiliate link]

What would you like to learn online?

In the comments I’d like to know what course you’d like me to offer online: email newsletters, writing for the web, web content strategy, SEO or something else.