Pre-translation checklist

Here is a first draft of a pre-translation checklist I’m working on for one of my clients.

It is designed to be given to those who send web text to be translated.

  • Involve translators at the start. This can help with an agile/phased approach to translation.
  • Think before you publish – is this content necessary?
  • It isn’t important for some ‘vanity content’ – blogs, diary entries and other non-essential non-user centred content – to be translated.
  • Has this content already been published on the web? If so, link to it.
  • Not all native speakers are web writers. Ensure your text is edited by a native-speaker web editor before sending for translation.
  • Proof-read before you send for translation.
  • Don’t forget to send translators any metadata such as Page titles and Meta descriptions.
  • Context makes a better translation. For example, it is essential to know the target audience for the pages. Also is there anything else the translator should know to put this piece into context?