Government jargon hit-list

When the Local Government Association put up a list of public sector jargon and their alternatives a few years ago I jumped for joy. Unfortunately they have now hidden most of their web content behind a paywall. Thankfully I found the old pages on

Here is their list. My favourites are ‘predictors of beaconicity’ and ‘mainstreaming’.

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EU’s Waltzing Matilda blog

I’ve been a bit quiet over on this blog for a while as I’ve been writing a series of blog posts for the European Union on content strategy.

Here’s my first five posts:

I’m currently writing posts on government and content strategy, usability testing and content, archiving, plus key content strategy processes. I’ll link to them from here when they are live.

Mashups and government websites

Mashups are the combination of several data sources to create a new tailored service.

Government has the data.

Some useful mashups have been made with Government data, for example there’s a useful recycling map on

Here’s a Google Map, made by the British Government, the UK Met Office and the British Antarctic Survey, showing the effects of global warming.

Sutton Council’s Grit Bins Map was useful a few weeks ago during the South’s heavy snow.

To help people make the most of government data, a major new website has been launched which gives free access to government data in one place:

I’ll keep you posted on the innovative uses of this data. At the moment some developers are complaining that they can’t make use of the data easily.

In the meantime, here’s some of my favourite mashups: