Google Instant Search

Google instant search was rolled out to all users of the Google search engine on 9 September 2010.

As soon as you start typing your query, search results are shown to you right away (even before you press the ‘Enter’ or ‘Search’ button). As you type, the search results change based on whatever you have typed so far. Google tries to be smart and presents you search results based on your search string, location, previous searches and many other parameters.

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Twitter as a barometer of web readers’ vocabulary

Twitter is all the rage at the moment with everyone from the NHS to Number 10 Downing Street using this tool to communicate.

But recently the tool looks like becoming useful for web writers. Until early May the only way to find out what people were ‘tweeting’ about was to go to Monitter or Twitter search. Now you can see instantly what the most frequently used words are right now, just by going to your own Twitter home page. Continue reading