William Gibson and Cory Doctorow at The Cadogan Hall

I was lucky to catch William Gibson speak in London in October 2010.

He talked about his new book ‘Zero History’ and about writing science fiction and writing in general. William is my favourite source of quotes when teaching. “The future is here, its just not evenly distributed” being one of my favourites when I teach social media. And of course he invented the term ‘cyberspace‘. Continue reading

Social media and SEO part 2: Twitter and SEO

  • Tweet with users’ words in mind – so that Twitter’s search can find your posts
  • Use the appropriate hashtag for things like conferences and events
  • Link to your Twitter profile page from your website
  • Choose a ‘real name’ carefully as that will be first in your <title> tag, therefore it will be very visible in the search engine’s results pages.
  • You may want to put a few relevant keywords in your real name too.
  • Put your main website URL in your profile.
  • Add keywords to your short bio
  • Write twitter posts for Retweets so that you encourage others to spread the word.
  • Tweets are now indexed in real-time by Bing and Google.
  • Write keyword-rich tweets if possible.
  • Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully as this will be shown in the search engine results list too.
  • The links you post aren’t counted towards your ranking by Google. However you should ensure that any links to your site, that use a URL shortening service, use 301 redirects in case anyone chooses to link to your pages from their site, using the shortened URL.