The Thing Itself

A plug for my partnership with Web Editor Nancy Duin:

The Thing Itself (TTI) is a partnership skilled in web organisation, content, design and training. We specialise in:

  • expert critiques of websites, to identify why they may not be achieving their aims and how this can be put right
  • training in website writing, editing and structure tailored to each client’s needs
  • combined critique and training that enables clients to identify where their websites are going wrong and quickly get their staff trained to rectify this.

We are also hugely experienced in writing, editing and designing websites that work, and can help clients focus on their users through scenarios and personas.

In addition, clients come to us for the creation and maintenance of email newsletters and for training in and consultancy on search engine marketing. Finally, we have on tap an impressive array of expertise in all areas of website creation – editorial, technical, aesthetic – to meet all our clients’ needs.